Washington 2021

In July 2021, Ellen attended a weekend craft event in Baltimore. While Ellen was in classes during the day, I spent a couple of days in Washington, DC.

On Friday, I went to the National Zoo. A highlight was the Giant Panda. There were two, including a "baby." However, it was a fairly hot, humid day, so the baby had found a nice shady place in the trees to chill. It was hard to spot, and nearly impossible to get a photo.

The photos below include: (click on the thumbnails below for a larger version)
Giannt Panda
Elephant enjoying the air conditioning inside the Elephant House
Geoffroy's Meerkat
Komodo Dragon
Gabon Viper (Note the head is camoflaged as a leaf until it's too late for the prey)
Tomistoma (Crocodile)
Caiman Lizard
Grand Cayman (AKA Blue) Iguana
Lion (on a hot, humid day)
Prairie Dog

Giant Panda Elephant sloth Marmoset Meerkat Alligator Komodo Dragon Gaboon Viper Tomistoma Caiman Lizard Blue Iguana Lion Prarie Dog Gorilla

On Saturday, I just took a few photos around the National Mall, before returning to Baltimore in time for dinner with Ellen and some of her weekend classmates.
Capitol White House Lincoln Memorial Jefferson Memorial Jefferson Washington Memorial

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