Washington 2018

In February 2018, Ellen and I took a short trip to Washington, DC. I went to present my annual lecture on chip design and  electronic design automation at National Defense University. Since the talk was on a Friday, Ellen traveled with me so we could spend the weekend sightseeing. Unfortunately, it was extremely cold and windy, making even short walks from the DC Metro to various buildings uncomfortable. As a result, we cut the trip short. We'll return another time.

After a brief stop at the the office of our congressman (Joe Kennedy III) to get passes to the House and Senate chambers, we took the tour of the capitol building (left). Next is the artwork at the top of the rotunda. The tour included the old Supreme Court chamber and the old Senate Chamber. We did get to visit the current House Chamber, but photos are not allowed.
US Capitol Capitol Rotunda Supreme Court SenateUS Capitol

After the tour, we went through the tunnel to the Library of Congress (across, or under, the street). We made it in time for the last tour of the day. Since no one was in a rush, the group also visited the Jefferson Library exhibit, containing much of Thomas Jefferson's personal library.
Library of Congress Gutenberg Bible Jefferson Library Jefferson LibraryJefferson Library

The plans we had for the next day involved quite a bit of outdoor time, but the cold would have made it very unpleasant. Thus, it was time to go home. Until next time.

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